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The Benefits of a Well-Designed Bathroom for Seniors

In every home, a person has to have a safe space to have peace and quiet from their family members. Some will immediately think of their bedrooms, but in reality, it’s bathrooms! And did you know that 97% of homeowners in the US will first step inside their bathroom once they wake up? Also, it’s the last room they step into at the end of the day. You should also know that where you start and end your day has a significant impact on your overall wellbeing, especially for older adults. So if you’re designing a bathroom for seniors, make sure to know its benefits first!

No More Clutters

The first thing you need to do when designing a bathroom for seniors is to cut the clutter. Therefore, you must maintain a clean space for elders so they won’t accidentally knock these things down. If they do, they’ll have to bend over, which is not a good thing for those who have back pains. Since seniors experience mobility loss and stiffness, it can affect their motor skills. That includes doing something as simple as bending over. So if there’s no clutter, our seniors won’t have to deal with picking it up or slipping because they accidentally stepped on it!

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Installing a Walk-In Tub to Avoid Accidents

Another safe option for seniors is to get a walk-in tub. Of course, we don’t want to risk them falling over accidentally. So a walk-in tub is the best choice since these have doors. They can open and close it when they enter or exit the tub. Furthermore, it eliminates the hassle of them lifting their legs to get into the tub and risking them slipping or falling over. Of course, you can choose other features that will make it convenient for seniors while they take a bath, such as sitting handrails, bubble jets, and more.

Balance is a Must!

As we grow old, balance is something we don’t expect to lose gradually. But when you reach your senior years, you’ll realize that loss of balance is one of the main problems many seniors have. So if you don’t want your grandparents to fall over while taking a bath, a high-quality shower bench will do. Here, your friends can take a shower without the fear of slipping accidentally. Furthermore, it enables them to sit down comfortably. Don’t you worry because manufacturers of these shower benches design them with stability and ease in mind.