3 Must-See Tamil Blockbusters

Tamil cinema has a magic touch, weaving stories that resonate deeply with audiences and often ignite the box office—craving a taste of this cinematic brilliance? Look no further than aha, your gateway to a treasure trove of Tamil movies, from timeless classics to contemporary blockbusters.

But navigating such a vast library can be daunting. Fear not, cinephiles! We’ve curated a list of 3 unmissable Tamil hits currently streaming on aha, each promising a unique cinematic journey with “Raid,” “Kida,” and the mysterious “Lilly Rani.”

The three must-see Tamil movies that you can watch on aha are as follows –

  • Raid (2023) 

Directed by Karthi, “Raid” (2023) is a compelling Tamil action thriller that follows Inspector Prabhakaran’s relentless pursuit of justice, portrayed by Vikram Prabhu. The narrative turns dark when Prabhakaran’s fiancée, Venba (played by Sri Divya in a cameo), becomes a casualty in a police operation. The operation targets the city’s ruthless gangsters, Daali and Chitte, essayed by Rishi Rithvik and Soundararaja.

Set in Chennai, the film explores themes of revenge and misfortune and explores the intricate trappings of the city’s hidden world of crime.

With Sam C.S.’s intense music score, Kathiravan’s cinematography, and Manimaran’s editing, ‘Raid’ conveys an atmospheric encounter. Despite its significant

narrative, the movie garnered varied reviews upon its launch on November 10,

2023, over the Diwali weekend. Vikram Prabhu’s depiction of Inspector

Prabhakaran, combined with the film’s intense themes, positions “Raid” as an

intriguing addition to the landscape of Tamil cinema.

  • Kida (2023) – A Heartfelt Village Drama

Directed by Ra. Venkat, “Kida” (2023) unfolds in the rustic village of Tanapalli. Produced by Sravanthi Ravi Kishore, the film stars Kaali Venkat and Poo Ramu, with Dileep and Pandiyamma in supporting roles. Released on 11 November 2023, the story revolves around Kadhir, his pet goat Karupu, and Grandfather Chellaiya, entwined with the fate of village butcher Vellaisamy.

Dreams and decisions converge, shaping their destinies by Diwali dawn. The narrative beautifully explores the complexities of rural life, delivering a heartfelt portrayal of dreams, family, and tradition in a charming Tamil Nadu village. “Kida” serves as a cinematic tapestry, weaving together the interconnected lives of its characters with themes of hope, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of rural communities.

  • Lilly Rani (2022) – Navigating Love and Loss

Directed by Vishnu Ramakrishnan, “Lilly Rani” (2022) is an impactful Indian Tamil-language drama. The film, released on 9 September 2022, features a stellar cast, including Chaya Singh as Rani, Thambi Ramaiah as Moorthy, and Dushyanth Jayaprakash as Michael, alongside Jayaprakash, Boopalan, Raqath Fathima, and Akash Ram.

At its essence, “Lilly Rani” reveals the touching story of Rani, a sex worker undertaking a poignant quest to locate the father of her child. Woven with the nuances of a rare medical condition, the story delves into the intricacies of love and the unwavering strength of the human spirit. Chaya Singh’s rendition of Rani and a skilled ensemble cast contribute depth and richness to the narrative. The story delves into the profound emotions associated with relationships and the pursuit of familial bonds.

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