An Easy Guide to Keeping Your Pool clean in the summer

In the summertime, so many people opt to keep their swimming pool. This is a great idea, as it keeps your house nice and cool – but the real problem is keeping your pool clean. This guide will help you navigate the often confusing waters of pool care to keep your home and your swimming area both comfortable and clean.

First, if you have a pool, there is one thing to remember

In the summertime, pools turn green. In other words, they are not as nice and clean as you may want them to be. The green really gets in your eyes and often your mouth, so you can’t see when you swim. And because it’s green, the water is full of algae.

Algae are like plants – it uses the sun to grow. That means that in the summer, your pool is growing algae, and that means you have to Swimming Pool Installation .

But it gets worse. When you have plenty of algae or a lot of green, it is hard to see when you swim in your pool. It also means that there are more germs and bacteria in the pool. You can have respiratory issues and general sickness from swimming in a pool with algae.

So how do you clean a chlorinated swimming pool?

What you need to have clean water, first of all, is chlorine. If you don’t have chlorine in your pool, it is not safe to swim. That means you have to clean your pool as a matter of safety first and foremost.

You need to buy chlorine and test your pool water for chlorine levels. If there is no chlorine, you’ll then have to shock the pool, which means you add many extra chemicals to it. You’ll have to do this every week or so in the summer.