Turmeric and its benefits: let’s discover the properties of this spice

The beneficial properties of turmeric

The turmeric plant contains several components and active ingredients:

curcumin: the main active ingredient of the spice, which has an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and stimulating action on the production of bile best turmeric supplements.

essential oils, minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin C.

All these components and active ingredients help several important functions for the body , making turmeric an excellent remedy with action:

antioxidant , because it helps protect the skin from free radicals responsible for aging;

purifier , because it stimulates the proper functioning of liver cells and intestines, purifying the body of toxins;

digestive , because it helps to restore the balance of the digestive system and protects the stomach walls from gastric and intestinal disorders;

anti-inflammatory and pain reliever , because turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect on tissues and cartilages affected by musculoskeletal pain;

The benefits of turmeric for the body

The beneficial properties of turmeric are many.

The active ingredient of curcumin would also seem to favor the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides , because it acts in the liver by stimulating the liver to produce more bile, thus eliminating excess cholesterol and reducing its oxidation, thus counteracting the risk of lipid deposits (i.e. of fat) and vascular inflammations.

Additionally, turmeric:

helps to lose weight more easily , because it improves lipid metabolism;

contributes to the prevention of type 2 diabetes;

protects the liver from damage from oxidative stress;

helps to counteract heartburn and intestinal inflammation;

promotes the healing of small wounds.